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Hi! I'm Amy K.

I have decades of writing and editing experience and recently received my Masters in Social Work from Rutgers University. While there, I completed a certificate program in Aging and Health; I was also the recipient of a Taub Fellowship in Aging. I'm passionate about the rights of the aging population, the eradication of ageism, and improving care and quality of life particularly in memory care.

My mission is to be a major force in improving care  for the aging population, particularly with regards to memory care, and to motivate action to prepare for the oncoming “aging boom.”

My vision is a world where services and housing are in place to provide nurturing, dignified, supported care to people in every phase of old age and every level of need.

To these ends, I want to tell the stories of nonprofits doing this work. I can bring your mission and vision to life and spark awareness of your work to the point where funders are falling over themselves to write checks. Let me help you so that together, we can help them.

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